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IAHashes has managed to implement environmentally friendly crypto mining into an operating service for every amateur and beginner in the crypto world.

Benefits of hydrogen crypto mining


Hydrogen has an important role in energy transition and is a valuable source of energy that can be sustainably produced and distributed widely.

Environmental friendliness

Using hydrogen and solar panels to operate our data-base, we generate electricity for our users in an environmentally friendly manner.


We use solar panels during daylight hours, and at night the gases are compressed into the hydrogen fuel cell compartment.


Thanks to high-quality hardware, we provide a multifunctional cloud eco-mining service for everyone.

Cloud Mining

IAHashes is an environmentally friendly cloud mining service based on mining efficiency using hydrogen and solar panels.

We provide crypto mining services designed and inspired by various cryptocurrency enthusiasts and blockchain experts, as well as people who care about the environment, to provide an affordable and most efficient and environmentally friendly mining service with frequent payments for both small and small large investors.

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